Table 3

Results of Mokken Scale analyses per scale (lowerbound = 0.3)

ScaleNo. itemsNo. subjectsHMin (item H) to max (item H)
H, scalability coefficient; item H, item scalability coefficient.
Checklist Individual Strength203380.560.45 to 0.63
MBI-Emotional Exhaustion53460.630.54 to 0.68
WHOQOL-Energy and Fatigue43400.780.75 to 0.80
Fatigue Scale (FS)10 (item 11 removed)3420.480.38 to 0.56
Fatigue Assessment Scale (FAS)103380.530.39 to 0.64
Need for Recovery (VBBA)113430.540.45 to 0.62
All items60 (item 11 FS removed)3030.500.32 to 0.59