Table 2

Addition of four psychosocial work environment variables to the analyses presented in table 1

VariableWaldpOR95% CIDirection
Women (n=2054)
    Age (continuous, 10 years effect)2.190.1390.90(0.77 to 1.03)
    Downsizing11.270.0012.05(1.34 to 3.12)+
    Expansion5.810.0161.45(1.07 to 1.96)+
    High cardiovascular score10.630.0010.56(0.39 to 0.79)
    Social support (low)0.760.3840.88(0.67 to 1.17)
    Decision authority (low)0.190.6660.94(0.71 to 1.25)
    Quant. demands (high)0.010.9240.99(0.73 to 1.34)
    Intellectual discr. (low)5.560.0180.70(0.52 to 0.95)
Men (n=2651)
    Age (continuous, 10 years effect)22.430.0000.66(0.47 to 0.80)
    Downsizing0.200.6571.09(0.74 to 1.62)+
    Expansion0.190.6650.92(0.65 to 1.32)
    High cardiovascular score3.270.0700.72(0.51 to 1.03)
    Social support (low)0.270.5990.92(0.68 to 1.25)
    Decision authority (low)14.450.0000.55(0.40 to 0.75)
    Quant. demands (high)0.020.8991.02(0.71 to 1.47)+
    Intellectual discr. (low)13.000.0000.56(0.41 to 0.77)