Table 4

Multinomial logistic regression of cases versus non-cases with respect to fatigue, chronic illness, mental health problems, and job strain on a somatic, psychological (reference group), or no attribution of fatigue in employees who made a fatigue related visit to the GP only, adjusted for sociodemographics (n=268)

Odds ratio (95% CI)
Psychological versus somatic attributionPsychological versus no attribution
CIS, Checklist Individual Strength; CIS case, probable fatigue case; HAD, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; HAD case, probable mental health problem case.
χ2 test, *p<0.05.
Cases versus non-cases
    CIS case1.66 (0.87 to 3.20)0.97 (0.38 to 2.47)
    ≥1 Chronic illness0.56 (0.29 to 1.06)0.76 (0.32 to 1.79)
    HAD case2.51 (1.16 to 5.42)*0.65 (0.26 to 1.62)
    Job strain1.46 (0.67 to 3.20)1.08 (0.40 to 2.91)