Table 1

Downsizing, expansion, and cardiovascular risk factor index in relation to no long sick leave; multiple logistic regression with no long sick leave as dependent variable

VariableWaldpOR95% CIDirection
Women (n=2161)
    Age (continuous, 10 years effect)1.810.1920.90(0.79 to 1.04)
    Downsizing13.840.0002.18(1.45 to 3.28)+
    Expansion7.710.0051.51(1.13 to 2.02)+
    High cardiovascular score14.600.0000.52(0.37 to 0.73)
Men (n=2742)
    Age (continuous 10 years effect)16.580.0000.69(0.60 to 0.85)
    Downsizing0.580.4471.16(0.80 to 1.68)+
    Expansion0.230.6341.09(0.77 to 1.54)+
    High cardiovascular score4.570.0320.69(0.49 to 0.97)