Table 4

Results of multiple regression analysis, fatigue predicted by diabetes related variables and work characteristics, including the interaction effects

Predictorsβ final modelp value of t testR2R2 changeSig. R2 change
Estimated standardised regression coefficients (β) and variance explained at the specific step (R2) are presented.
Block 1 (enter)0.1650.1650.000
    Job demands−0.0780.489
    Lack of decision latitude−0.1290.347
    Lack of support 0.1040.047
Block 2 (stepwise)0.1910.0260.004
    Job demands × lack of decision latitude 0.4160.016
Block 3 (enter)0.4800.2900.000
    Diabetic symptoms 0.8630.000
    Burden adjusting insulin dosage−0.2040.120
Block 4 (stepwise)
    Job demands × diabetic symptoms−0.4180.0120.4930.0130.012
    Job demands × burden adjusting insulin dosage 0.3060.0240.5030.0100.024