Table 1

List of industry/occupation pairings that were assigned to the super high crystalline silica exposure category

Industry (BOC)*Occupation (BOC)†
*1980 US Bureau of the Census classification code for industry; †1980 US Bureau of the Census classification code for occupation.
Metal mining (040)Earth drillers (598); crushing and grinding machine operators (768)
Coal mining (041)Earth drillers (598)
Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction (042)Earth drillers (598); oil well drillers (614)
Non-metallic mining and quarrying, except fuel (050)Earth drillers (598); mining machine operators (616); operating engineers (844); labourers, except construction (889)
Construction (060)Earth drillers (598)
Cement, concrete, gypsum, and plaster products (251)Labourers, except construction (889)
Pottery and related products (261)Crushing and grinding machine operators (768)
Miscellaneous non-metallic mineral and stone products (262)Slicing and cutting machine operators (769)
Iron and steel foundries (271)Moulding and casting machine operators (719); labourers, except construction (889)
Construction and material handling machines (312)Earth drillers (598)
Not specified manufacturing industries (392)Earth drillers (598)