Table 3

Relation between fatigue and need for recovery with the risk for being injured in an occupational accident, adjusted for age, gender, education, smoking, shift work, and work environment

VariableAdjusted RR95% CI
CIS: fatigued workers versus non-fatigued workers1.751.16 to 2.64
CIS total
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile1.300.77 to 2.20
    High tertile1.691.03 to 2.78
Subjective experience of fatigue
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile1.400.83 to 2.37
    Highest tertile1.921.16 to 3.17
Reduced motivation
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile1.300.79 to 2.13
    Highest tertile1.470.91 to 2.38
Reduced activity
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile0.930.56 to 1.54
    Highest tertile1.190.74 to 1.91
Reduced concentration
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile0.690.42 to 1.15
    Highest tertile1.160.74 to 1.80
Need for recovery
    Lowest tertile1
    Medium tertile1.410.80 to 2.47
    Highest tertile2.281.41 to 3.66