Table 2

Univariate relation between demographic variables, shift work, and work environment and lifestyle factors with the risk of being injured in an occupational accident

VariableCrude RR95% CI
    Under 301
    30–390.730.38 to 1.41
    40–490.860.46 to 1.62
    50+0.540.26 to 1.14
Gender: males versus females2.431.39 to 4.27
    Medium5.792.83 to 11.87
    Low7.383.64 to 14.98
Shift work
    Daytime only, between 7 am and 7 pm1
    Irregular shifts but no night shift versus day time job4.762.42 to 9.35
    Irregular shifts with night shifts versus day time2.741.84 to 4.09
Work environment
    Environment I office environment as reference1
    Environment II, with machines and tools versus I5.033.32 to 7.63
    Environment III other, versus I1.630.58 to 4.62
Smoking every day, yes versus no2.041.38 to 3.00
Drinking over 14 glasses of alcoholic beverages weekly, yes versus no0.780.41 to 1.50