Table 1

Comparison of the baseline variables among the respondents (n=180) and non-respondents (n=52) of the follow up survey

n%n%p value
Work related variables
VDU working time0.54
Physical work environment0.08
    Mean score >3123704281
    Mean score ⩽353301019
Ergonomics of workstation0.34
    Mean score >3127723976
    Mean score ⩽349281224
Distance of the screen0.42
    Good (50–70 cm)106692966
    Poor (<50 cm or >70 cm)48311534
Height of the screen0.18
    Good (⩾10 cm)102683377
    Poor (<10 cm)48321023
Distance of the keyboard0.19
    Good (⩾15 cm)70491439
    Poor (<15 cm)73512261
Deviance of the keyboard0.07
    Good (0±2 cm)73512467
    Poor (> ±2 cm)70491233
Distance of the mouse0.19
    Good (⩾15 cm)46511038
    Poor (<15 cm)45491662
Deviance of the mouse0.22
    Good (0±30 cm)3842831
    Poor (> ±30 cm)53581869
Breaks during work0.59
    Fully enough66631763
    Rather enough/rather little/much too little39371037
Influence on work load0.45
    Somewhat/rather/very much93522650
    Very little/rather little85482650
Individual variables
    Never smoker97552548
Frequency of physical exercise (times/week)0.34
Health status0.27
    Very good/rather good120683162
    Average/rather poor/very poor57321938
Mental stress0.02
    Some/fairly much/much89501632
Mental strain0.29
    Never/rather seldom99563162
    Sometimes/rather often/continually77441938
    Never/rather seldom117663570
    Sometimes/rather often/continually60341530
Job satisfaction0.55
    Very satisfied/rather satisfied135763876
    Neutral/rather/very dissatisfied42241224
Time used for domestic activities (hours/day)0.28
Time used for hobbies (hours/day)0.56