Table A1

Pesticide combinations considered in analyses of joint and individual exposures

InsecticidesInsecticide and herbicideHerbicides
DDT and chlordaneAldrin and alachlorAlachlor and atrazine
DDT and lindaneAldrin and atrazineAlachlor and chloramben
DDT and malathionAldrin and 2,4-DAlachlor and cyanazine
DDT and fly, lice, or tick sprayAldrin and trifluralinAlachlor and 2.4-D
DDT and aldrinCarbofuran and alachlorAlachlor and dicamba
Lindane and malathionCarbofuran and atrazineAlachlor and glyphosate
Lindane and aldrinCarbofuran and 2,4-DAlachlor and trifluralin
Malathion and aldrinChlordane and 2,4-DAtrazine and cyanazine
DDT and alachlorAtrazine and 2,4-D
DDT and atrazineAtrazine and dicamba
DDT and 2,4-DAtrazine and glyphosate
DDT and trifluralinAtrazine and trifluralin
Diazinon and atrazineChloramben and trifluralin
Fly, lice, or tick spray and alachlorCyanazine and 2,4-D
Fly, lice, or tick spray and atrazineCyanazine and trifluralin
Fly, lice, or tick spray and 2,4-D2,4-D and trifluralin
Fly, lice, or tick spray and trifluralin
Lindane and alachlor
Lindane and atrazine
Lindane and 2,4-D
Lindane and trifluralin
Malathion and alachlor
Malathion and atrazine
Malathion and 2,4-D