Table 1

Estimated numbers of persons working with laboratory animals in the UK, 1999, by job category and species; rates of occupational asthma and rhinitis among persons working with small mammals, insects, birds

No. animal techniciansNo. researchersNo. othersTotal no.*
SpeciesLowerHigherLowerHigherLowerHigherLowerHigherEstimated cases of asthmaEstimated cases of rhinitisRate of asthma/1000/y (95% CI)Rate of rhinitis/1000/y (95% CI)
*Column totals for each job group are not the sum for each species due to cross handling of different species.
Guinea pigs5788552915431449873739915906
Hamsters, rabbits, ferrets707104627204027710105141376124
Any small animals2018288686691239713851981120731726227431.56 (1.03 to 2.28)2.49 (1.80 to 3.35)
Sheep, cows, pigs, goats, horses50474666197827741014422134
Cats, dogs220326304450101149625925
Any large animals85912281060151641359123323335
Insects58841842675275294426192.35 (0.06 to 13.1)21.1 (9.65 to 40.1)
Birds (not poultry)3144659350721462095323.9 (7.75 to 56.0)14.4 (2.96 to 42.0)