Table 3

Associations of bullying with incidence of cardiovascular disease and depression

Subjected to bullying*nCrude odds ratio (95% CI)Adjusted† odds ratio (95% CI)
*Subjects with cardiovascular disease/depression at baseline were excluded. In addition, 103 respondents of the two surveys were excluded because they did not respond to the question on bullying at both times.
†Adjusted for sex, five year age categories, and income.
Incident cardiovascular disease (286 cases)
At neither time38841.001.00
At one time3230.73 (0.43 to 1.22)0.72 (0.43 to 1.21)
At both times652.53 (1.28 to 5.03)2.31 (1.15 to 4.63)
Incident depression (214 cases)
At neither time41091.001.00
At one time3252.26 (1.50 to 3.40)2.27 (1.50 to 3.42)
At both times644.78 (2.45 to 9.31)4.81 (2.46 to 9.40)