Table 4

Gas stove exposure and pulmonary function among 7630 lifelong never smoking adult participants in NHANES III

Pulmonary function measurementChange in mean pulmonary function value (95% CI)*
Age, gender, height, and race-ethnicitySocioeconomic indicators†Housing and geographic factors‡
*Residual values calculated as observed minus expected values. Expected values derived from Hankinson equations based on age, gender, race-ethnicity (white, African-American, Mexican American), and height.
†Socioeconomic indicators: educational attainment and poverty-income ratio.
‡Housing and geographic factors: age of home (<1946, 1946–73, 1974+, or unknown), urban versus rural location, geographic location (northeast, south, midwest, west), residence with ⩾1 smokers (versus none), gas heating system (versus other fuel).
Results based on linear regression analysis. Results in each column also control for covariates in previous column.
FEV1 (ml)21 (−5 to 48)27 (−0.8 to 54)13 (−15 to 41)
FVC (ml)0.8 (−28 to 29)7 (−23 to 36)−14 (−48 to 21)
FEV1/FVC ratio (%)0.52 (0.09 to 0.95)0.50 (0.05 to 0.95)0.58 (0.15 to 1.01)
FEF25%–75% (ml/s)86 (20 to 151)90 (22 to 159)82 (19 to 145)