Table 1

Gas stove use and personal characteristics among adult NHANES III participants with asthma

VariableGas stoveNo gas stovep value for difference
Sample included all non-smoking adults aged 17 years or greater with asthma who had reliable spirometry results. Proportions are column proportions.
Sample characteristics
Sample size (unweighted)251194
Estimated population (weighted)2,235,3922,515,535
Personal characteristics
Age, mean (SE)42.3 (1.4)42.4 (1.7)0.96
Sex (% female)71%61%0.10
    White, non-Hispanic (%)76%85%
    African-American (%)17%12%
    Mexican-American (%)6%3%
Socioeconomic/smoking variables
Previous cigarette smoking (%)36%34%0.77
Education, mean years (SE)12.7 (0.4)13.0 (0.3)0.48
Poverty-income ratio, mean (SE)3.0 (0.2)3.3 (0.2)0.37
Housing/geographic factors
Age of home0.0006
    Unknown or not reported7%6%
Rural location (%)38%59%0.003
Geographic location0.09
    Northeast (%)28%18%
    South (%)22%21%
    Midwest (%)21%17%
    West (%)29%44%
Lives with ⩾1 smokers (%)18%13%0.39
Gas heating system (%)61%34%0.006