Table 5

Examples of administrative exposure databases

Database nameCountry/agencyDescriptions in scientific literatureIndustries/agentsStart year/types of data
NDR National Dose RegistryCanada Radiation Protection Bureau, Health CanadaAshmore et al, 19989880 occupations in 14 industry sectors ionizing radiationFrom 1950 Types of data: subject ID, job, industry, date, sex, age
MlDAS Mine Inspection Data Analysis SystemUnited States Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) (some exposures measured by mine operators)Watts and Parker, 199599Mining, milling coal dust, quartz dust, ∼130 other substances, and noiseFrom 1970 Types of data: agent, exposure level, SIC code, date, occupation, mine location and identification, mine production level, mine type, mining method, ventilation code, number of employees
MEGAGermany Berufsgenossenshcaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit (BIA) (exposures measured by regional accident insurance institutes and private companies)Vinzents et al, 1995101; Stamm, 2001100Many industries 420 chemical agentsFrom 1972 Types of data: agent, exposure level, firm, industry, workplace, process, raw materials and products, work environment, measurement and analytic methods
IMIS Integrated Management Information SystemUnited States federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and some state plan enforcement agenciesStewart and Rice, 1990102; Nelson et al, 1995103All industries, except mining and agriculture >500 chemical and physical agentsFrom 1979 Types of data: agent, exposure level, inspection date, employer name and address, number of employees, SIC code, reason for inspection; job title, purpose of sampling
EXPO ExsponeringsregisterNorway National Institute of Occupational HealthFjeldstad and Woldbaek, 1991104; Vinzents et al, 1995101Many industriesFrom 1985 Types of data: agent, concentration in blood, urine, air, employee name, industry, job, substance, ISIC code
NEDB National Exposure DatabaseUnited Kingdom Health and Safety Executive (some exposures measured by industry)Burns and Beaumont, 1989105; Vinzents et al, 1995101All industries chemical agentsFrom 1986 Types of data: agent, exposure level, date, company and location, number of male and female employees, SIC code, job, process, monitoring method and duration, reason for visit, ventilation and personal protective equipment use, representativeness
COLCHIC Systéme de Collecte des Données Recueillies par les Laboratoires de Chimie de l'INRS et de CRAMFrance Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS) and Caisse Régionale d'Assurance Maladie (CRAM)Vinzents et al, 1995101; Vincent and Jeandel, 2001106All industries except mining, energy, rail, agriculture, and government ∼600 chemical substancesFrom 1987 Types of data: agent, exposure level, sampling method and analysis, factory, industry, work operation, no. workers exposed, ventilation, use of protective equipment, temperature, representiveness
PHED Pesticide Handlers Exposure DatabaseCanada and United States Health Canada, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Agricultural Chemical Association (exposures measured by pesticide manufacturers)Leighton and Nielsen, 1995107Pesticide application pesticides, but active ingredient name not released, data reported by pesticide type and formulation typeFrom 1992 Types of data: dermal and inhalation exposure levels (by mass of unspecified “active ingredient”) for pesticide loaders, applicators, mixers, and flaggers; site description, application method and rate, cab type, employee's experience, sampling duration