Table 2

Observed (Obs) and expected (Exp) number of deaths from chronic obstructive lung diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema) and standardised mortality ratio (SMR) by cumulative exposure to total dust (mg/m3.y) and duration of employment

All employeesEmployment >3 y
Cumulative exposure to total dust (mg/m3.y)ObsExpSMR95% CIObsExpSMR95% CI to to 2.5
0–14.9135.02.61.4 to 4.421.11.80.2 to 6.6
15–69.9157.22.11.2 to 3.4125.62.11.1 to 3.7
>70145.32.61.4 to 4.4145.32.61.4 to 4.4