Table 7

Correlations (Kendall's tau b) between travel factors: staff responses

Travel factors123456789
Travel factors (independent variables) are numbered: 1, estimation of number of days away from home in 1999 due to mission travel; 2, estimation of longest mission; 3, estimation of the shortest time between trips; 4, estimation of how often one left just before or on weekends; 5, estimation of how often one took recuperative leave upon return from mission; 6, frquency of last minute changes in travel dates; 7, how often last minute changes in travel dates interfered with family plans; 8, perceived control over location, timing, and duration of travel; 9, perceived ability to refuse travel without harming career.
*α=0.05; **α=0.01.
1 Days away from home0.452**−0.245**0.1240.072−0.0140.0520.1490.092
2 Longest mission0.1660.212*0.051−0.0610.0060.0340.082
3 Shortest time between trips0.1050.105−0.0080.0220.1530.063
4 Recuperative leave upon return−0.051−0.083−0.058−0.007−0.083
5 Departure on or before weekends0.1300.179*0.1540.281**
6 Last minute changes0.627**0.332**0.114
7 Interference with family plans0.335**0.276**
8 Control over travel0.387**
9 Ability to refuse a mission