Table 5

Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals for recurrent wheezing in children exposed both to the upper quartile of NO2 levels and environmental tobacco smoke, compared with double unexposed children; exposure to indoor NO2

Exposure to ETSBelow 4th quartileAbove 4th quartileExposure to ETS—independent of NO2
CasesControlsOR*95% CICasesControlsOR*95% CICasesControlsOR*95% CI
*Adjusted for gender, heredity, maternal age and smoking during pregnancy, breast feeding, and building age.
Not exposed90188128631.090.62 to 1.911182511
Exposed33630.960.51 to 1.8319153.101.32 to 7.3052781.310.75 to 2.30
Exposure to NO2—independent of ETS123251147781.470.91 to 2.37