Table 2

Response frequencies and sample sizes (n (%)) for questions assessing impact variables

Response frequencies
1 Low2345 Highn
Percentages are rounded to the nearest %.
*This question did not specifically ask about stress due to travel, but we have included it to provide a comparison with how staff rated their travel stress; †although this question does not specify either positive or negative behaviour changes, written comments about changes in children's behaviour indicate that spouses interpreted this to mean undesirable changes in behaviour.
Spouse questions:
    In your opinion, what is the staff member's level of stress due to employment  at the WBG?*19 (4)171 (33)332 (64)522
    Do you feel stress when the staff member is on mission?23 (4)70 (13)168 (32)128 (24)137 (26)526
    When the staff member is on mission, do you notice a change in your  children's behaviour?†17 (5) 61 (18) 88 (26) 89 (27) 81 (24)336
    Do you have concerns about the following? (regarding staff member's travel?)Physical safetyAirline/airport securityInfectious diseases518
104 (20)136 (26)150 (29)
Staff questions:
    What was your level of stress due to mission travel in 1999?2 (2) 6 (6)18 (18)39 (39)35 (35)100
    How much did the stress due to mission travel affect your physical health in 1999?5 (5)14 (14)23 (23)42 (42)17 (17)101
    To what extent did your mission travel in 1999 have a negative impact on  your family or your personal life?3 (3) 8 (8)23 (23)40 (39)28 (28)102