Table 6

Risk of incident neck/shoulder pain according to number of different unaided patient handling activities performed in an average shift

Number of activities performed unaided*Number of nursesCases of neck/shoulder pain during follow up Number (%)Hazard ratio† (95% CI)
*The activities considered were: (a) assisting a patient to move from lying to sitting or sitting to lying; (b) assisting a patient to mobilise using a walking stick, Zimmer frame, or crutches; (c) moving a patient around on a wheelchair, bed, hoist, trolley, commode, etc; (d) assisting a patient to sit up from a lying position; (e) repositioning (turning or rolling) a patient; (f) transferring a patient in/out of a bath; (g) washing/dressing a patient while they are on a chair/commode; and (h) washing/dressing a patient while they are on a bed.
†Adjusted for age, BMI, and frequently feeling tired, low, tense, or under stress.
04315 (35)1
1–25717 (30)1.1 (0.6 to 2.2)
3–48221 (26)0.8 (0.4 to 1.6)
5–69831 (32)1.1 (0.6 to 2.0)
711341 (36)1.3 (0.7 to 2.3)
89336 (39)1.5 (0.8 to 2.8)