Table 4

Results of urine mutagenicity using three salmonella tester strains and of DNA damage in lymphocytes

Genotoxicity assayParametersS1*S2*S3*
*Time points for biological sampling: S1, the morning the day of captan use; S2, the evening the same day; and S3, the morning the day after.
†MSB, mean spontaneous background (SD) between individual experiments.
‡Ratio between the highest number of reverse mutations in urine samples and the spontaneous background of the corresponding experiment.
§Mutagenic power calculated as the net His+ colonies/mmol urine creatinine for urines classified as mutagenic according to statistical analysis.
¶Percentage of nuclei ranked as damaged or highly damaged.
**HDC, highly damaged cell.
††NT, not tested.
Salmonella mutagenicity assay
Salmonella strain YG1041 with S9mix [MSB†  =  143 (16)]Mean ratio (SD)‡1.29 (0.17)1.42 (0.46)1.34 (0.26)
Number of mutagenic urines (%)15/27 (56%)18/29 (62%)17/29 (59%)
Mean mutagenic power§1854 (1262)2675 (2470)2261 (2038)
Salmonella strain TA97 without S9mix [MSB†  =  164 (15)]Mean ratio (SD)‡1.04 (0.11)1.09 (0.10)1.07 (0.11)
Number of mutagenic urines (%)2/28 (7%)2/29 (7%)1/29 (3%)
Mutagenic power398 & 2409480 & 19323209
Salmonella strain TA102 without S9mix [MSB†  =  337 (31)]Mean ratio (SD)‡1.11 (0.10)1.08 (0.09)1.07 (0.10)
Number of mutagenic urines (%)7/28 (25%)5/29 (17%)5/29 (17%)
Mean mutagenic power§1612 (1128)1465 (1067)1602 (980)
Alkaline comet assay
Mean % DNA damage10%NT††13%
Mean tail moment w/o HDC** (SD)4.35 (1.11)NT4.80 (2.57)