Table 5

Final model predictors for new onset shoulder pain* (multivariate associations)

ExposureOR95% CI
*Adjusted for gender, age group, occupation, and all other factors in the model.
Mechanical load
Lifting with one or two hands
    ⩽22 lb1.60.99 to 2.7
    >22 lb1.70.9 to 3.0
    >70 lb1.10.7 to 1.9
    ⩾70 lb1.91.1 to 3.3
Working with hands above shoulder
    <15 min1.00.6 to 1.6
    ⩾15 min1.60.98 to 2.5
Monotonous work
    At least half of the time1.71.1 to 2.8
Other pain
(Any pain other than shoulder pain)
    Yes1.30.9 to 1.9