Table 2

Pesticide exposure characteristics for the day of captan use

Mean (SD)Range
Quantity of captan used (kg)4.9 (2.4)1.3–10.8
Area sprayed (ha)3.3 (1.8)1.2–8.9
Time of spraying (h)3.5 (1.9)1.0–8.5
UK-POEM values (mg captan)14.4 (16.0)0.9–66.1
Protective clothesMixing-loadingApplication
*Including farmers without any protective devices (4 for mixing and 7 for application), with protective clothes alone (1 for mixing and 1 for application), with mask alone (3 for mixing and 1 for application). with mask and protective clothes (2 for application).
†Jointly with mask (1 for mixing and 3 for application), or with protective clothes (3 for mixing and 1 for application).
‡Including farmers with all 3 protective devices (rubber gloves, protective clothes, and mask).
Without rubber gloves*8 (28%)11 (38%)
With rubber gloves†9 (31%)4 (14%)
With all personal protective devices‡12 (41%)14 (48%)