Table 3

Work related and individual psychosocial risk factors and new onset shoulder pain* (univariate associations)

ExposureShoulder painUnadjustedAdjusted*
Baseline12 months
NoYesNoYesOR95% CIOR95% CI
*Adjusted for gender, age group, and occupation.
Job demand
Stressful work
    At least half of the time1171868110.90.6 to to 1.4
Monotonous work
    At least half of the time551957151.91.2 to to 3.1
Hectic work
    At least half of the time16130108140.90.6 to to 1.4
Job satisfaction
Job satisfaction
    Not dissatisfied52092372691Referent1Referent
    (Very)/dissatisfied1112130.70.2 to to 2.1
Social support
Support from colleagues
    Not dissatisfied52392381691Referent1Referent
    (Very)/dissatisfied711531.00.4 to to 3.1
Control over work
Control over own work
    At least sometimes48283376681Referent1Referent
    (Very)/seldom4692141.10.6 to to 2.0
Learn new things
    At least sometimes51190375671Referent1Referent
    (Very)/seldom2132261.20.6 to to 2.3
Individual distress (GHQ)
GHQ total
    197144950.70.4 to to 1.2
    2–378124370.80.5 to to 1.5
    ⩾362155081.10.7 to to 1.9