Table 3

Summary of the parental occupational groups held at periconception and/or diagnosis associated with a statistically significant excess (normal font) or deficit (italics) of childhood cancer

Diagnostic groupParentPericonceptionDiagnosis
*Skin/epidermal exposure to hydrocarbons.
†Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
‡Central nervous system tumours.
LeukaemiaFatherDriving Exhaust fumes
Exhaust fumesMetal fumes
Inhaled particulate hydrocarbons
Mother Medical/health care Medical/health care
Dermal hydrocarbons*
Exhaust fumes
Inhaled particulate hydrocarbons
MotherDermal hydrocarbons* Medical/health care
CNS‡Father Wood dust Wood dust
Mother Medical/health care
Other cancersFatherLeather workersLeather workers
Textile dustDermal hydrocarbons*
MotherTextile dust Medical/health care