Table 1

Coronary risk factors and work related factors according to categories of weekly working hours in the past year in cases and controls

Case (working h/week)Control (working h/week)
Risk factorn=86n=131n=43p Valuen=174n=231n=40p Value
CHD: coronary heart disease; numbers are percentages unless otherwise specified; p values are based on a χ2 test; *p values are based on ANOVA; †body mass index ≥25; ‡one out of four categories regarding occupational physical activities.
Age (y, mean)60.356.154.00.0001 * *
Current smoking59.370.276.60.0942.547.660.00.13
Current weekly alcohol use50.053.444.20.5769.573.272.50.72
Parental CHD19.322.618.60.7911.716.122.50.18
Diabetes mellitus15.19.914.00.498.15.610.00.47
Days off/month*
Workday sleeping hours*
Days/week of <5 h sleep*
Shift work9.39.918.60.2311.57.817.50.13
Sedentary job‡70.962.660.50.3672.454.160.00.001
Blue collar job22.445.844.20.00230.638.141.00.22
Job strain23.236.831.00.1215.723.752.80.0001