Table 2

Features of workers with claims accepted for diisocyanate OA versus other causes of OA, 1980–93

Diisocyanate OAOther OAp Value
*Number with information on nasal symptoms in the file: 382 diisocyanate OA, 391 other OA.
Age (y, mean (SD (median)))37.4 (11.4 (35.25))42.3 (12.6 (41.42))0.0001
Never smoked37%45%0.001
Atopic on skin tests33%51%0.001
Improve weekends65%60%NS
Improve holidays88%78%0.001
Nasal symptoms42%*53%0.003
Exposure before symptoms (y, mean (SD (median)))5.13 (6.1 (3.0))7.45 (7.7 (4.87))0.0001
Still exposed at assessment23%31%NS
Exposure after onset of symptoms (y, mean (SD (median))2.38 (3.5 (1.0))3.38 (4.8 (1.50))0.0008