Table 2

Answers to questionnaire for assessment of malignant melanoma risk among cabin attendants and a sample of the population (all female)

Cabin attendants (n=856)Population sample (n=1464)p value
1.Have ever had freckles50759.390561.80.22
2.Red hair colour394.61037.00.02
3.Blue or green eye colour74186.6130188.90.10
4.Number of naevi
    More than 10010712.514710.0<0.001
5.Skin reactions when sunbathing
    Always burn, never tan111.3563.8
    Always burn, occasionally tan8710.222315.2
    Occasionally burn, always tan64475.392463.1
    Never burn, always tan10512.322815.6<0.001
6.History of severe sunburn after the age of 19
    1–5 times52261.188060.1
    More than 5 times22726.532522.2<0.01
7.History of severe sunburn before the age of 19
    1–5 times49057.374450.8
    More than 5 times13615.925317.3<0.02
8.Use of sunbeds/sunlamps
    1–10 times23627.645731.2
    10–100 times47655.770047.8
    More than 100 times627.31238.4<0.01
9.Use of sunscreen
10.Sunny vacation
    1–10 times52761.6101169.1
    11–20 times15017.51228.3
    More than 20 times14416.8402.7<0.001
11.Travel abroad
    1–5 times10812.668746.9
    6–20 times28032.754537.2
    More than 20 times45953.71057.2<0.001
12.Skin cancer among relatives: yes8610.11288.70.30
13.Many naevi among relatives: yes32638.154737.40.73