Table 1

Answers to questionnaire for assessment of malignant melanoma risk among pilots and a sample of the population (all male)

Pilots (n=239)Population sample (n=454)p value
1.Have ever had freckles10142.318941.60.87
2.Red hair colour156.3265.70.77
3.Blue or green eye colour21991.639587.00.07
4.Number of naevi
    More than 100135.4194.2<0.05
5.Skin reactions when sunbathing
    Always burn, never tan114.6153.3
    Always burn, occasionally tan2811.75512.1
    Occasionally burn, always tan17673.630667.4
    Never burn, always tan218.86714.8<0.20
6.History of severe sunburn after the age of 19
    1–5 times14359.826558.4
    More than 5 times6828.59721.4<0.02
7.History of severe sunburn before the age of 19
    1–5 times12552.322048.5
    More than 5 times4217.67516.5<0.70
8.Use of sunbeds/sunlamps
    1–10 times6928.913630.0
    10–100 times5523.012928.4
    More than 100 times20.8265.7<0.001
9.Use of sunscreen
10.Sunny vacation
    1–10 times12753.128362.3
    11–20 times3414.2419.0
    More than 20 times5422.6235.1<0.001
11.Travel abroad
    1–5 times166.718139.9
    6–20 times3916.316536.3
    More than 20 times18075.36815.0<0.001
12.Skin cancer among relatives: yes2510.5265.70.02
13.Many naevi among relatives: yes6125.510723.60.57