Table 6

Linear regression analysis of effect of urinary mercury concentration on psychomotor test results for dentists and controls after adjusting for age and sex

JobAverage change for each unit increase in log urinary mercuryp ValueCorrected p value
Simple reaction time (ms):
    Dentists −8.190.36
Number vigilance (ms):
Choice reaction time (ms):
    Dentists −4.610.63
    Controls −9.700.37
Spatial memory (ms):
    Dentists 13.650.80
Memory scanning (ms):
    Dentists −7.400.86
Word recognition (ms):
    Dentists 42.000.37
Immediate word recall (number correct)
    Dentists 0.0020.95
    Controls 0.670.0290.23
Delayed word recall (number correct)
    Dentists 0.190.64
    Controls 1.120.0010.01