Table 3

Relative risk (odds ratio; OR) of certain cancer sites in relation to flight hours and high altitude, long distance flight duty among cabin crew

Cancer site>10000 total block hoursHigh altitude, long distance flight duty>5000 block hours in high altitude, long distance flights
CasesOR95% CICasesOR95% CICasesOR95% CI
*Odds ratios could not be estimated because there were no unexposed cases.
    All cancer71.680.41 to 6.83261.430.40 to 5.0471.310.44 to 3.86
    Breast31.140.15 to 8.48141.790.31 to 10.4553.270.54 to 19.70
    Malignant melanoma22.670.20 to 35.145–*22.590.18 to 37.20
    All cancer143.600.28 to 46.3217–*130.210.04 to 1.28
    Malignant melanoma3–*5–*31.000.03 to 31.97
All cabin crew
    All cancer212.030.60 to 6.90431.290.39 to 4.29200.780.30 to 2.05
    Malignant melanoma54.670.45 to 49.1410–*51.830.23 to 14.52