Table 1

Observed (Obs) and expected (Exp) numbers of deaths, standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) (95% CI) of the main causes of death by cohort

French cohort*Austrian cohort
Cause of death†ObsExpSMR95% CIObsExpSMR95% CI
*In the 1968–96 period by comparison with local rates; †coded according to the ICD-8 and ICD-9.
All causes294317.50.930.82 to 1.046789.40.750.58 to 0.95
Cardiovascular system106113.70.930.76 to 1.132032.90.610.37 to 0.94
Non-malignant respiratory diseases2624.61.060.69 to 1.5513.70.270.01 to 1.52
Pneumoconiosis30.55.561.12 to 16.200.1
Digestive tract1417.10.820.45 to 1.3898.71.040.48 to 1.97
All cancers8078.41.020.81 to 1.271723.40.730.42 to 1.17
    Stomach cancer54.31.180.38 to 2.7512.50.400.01 to 2.25
    Lung cancer2117.01.230.76 to 1.8976.61.060.43 to 2.19
Violent death2226.10.840.53 to 1.281513.11.140.64 to 1.88