Table 4

Spearman correlation coefficients of trihalomethanes and other factors in United Kingdom swimming pools (n=24)

VariablesSpearman correlation coefficientp Value
TOC v chloroform0.5<0.05
TOC v bromoform−0.2
TOC v air temperature0.4
TOC v water temperature0.4
TOC v pH level−0.2
TOC v No. of people0.5p<0.05
TOC v TTHM0.5p<0.05
Chloroform v BDCM−0.2
Chloroform v CDBM−0.3
Chloroform v air temperature0.3
Chloroform v water temperature0.4p<0.05
Chloroform v pH−0.1
Chloroform v number of people0.7p<0.01
Chloroform v TTHM1.0p<0.01
Bromoform v CDBM0.5p<0.05
Bromoform v BDCM0.1
Bromoform v TTHM−0.4p<0.05
BDCM v CDBM0.9p<0.01
TTHM v air temperature0.4
TTHM v water temperature0.5p<0.01
TTHM v pH−0.1
TTHM v number of people0.7p<0.01