Table 3

Observed number of deaths and all cause SMRs among some minor job classifications

Job classificationNumberObsSMR95% CI
*p<0.05; †traditional Japanese floor mat.
Electrician946400.880.63 to 1.19
Painter711491.160.86 to 1.54
Plumber625391.060.76 to 1.45
Sheet metal worker481440.890.64 to 1.19
Joiner471590.810.61 to 1.04
Labourer290491.110.82 to 1.47
Stonemason289451.360.99 to 1.82
Wood worker234130.590.31 to 1.00
Landscape worker201140.970.53 to 1.62
Roofer199160.980.56 to 1.60
Tatami† maker165130.51*0.27 to 0.87
Scaffold man146111.550.77 to 2.76