Table 2

Adjusted MORs for those diseases that showed significant relations with printing works*

DiseasesPrinting workersNon-printing workersMOR†95% CI†MOR‡95% CI‡
*Adjusted for age, sex, and working duration; †Cardiovascular disease as the reference disease; ‡Diseases other than diseases of interest as the reference disease; §Crude morbidity odds ratio (MOR) with exact estimates for 95% CI.
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma§5057.02.8 to 1155.333.81.9 to 613.8
Benign skin tumours5128.02.7 to to 132.3
Chronic pharyngitis or sinusitis4129.41.7 to 514.76.91.2 to 39.2
Mechanical injuries6221.92.6 to to 30.0
Chronic liver disease or liver cirrhosis566.01.1 to to 11.1
Lower respiratory tract infection1151.0
Skin and subcutaneous disease586.4
Musculoskeletal disorder6171.9
Cardiovascular diseases5281.0
Other diseases