Table 5

Estimated prevalence and OR (95% CI) of work related asthma by industry in the NHANES III adult study population (1998–4)

CodesIndustryCases*Prevalence (%)SE (%)OR95% CI
*Total number of observed cases=185, three cases had missing information on occupational history and were not included in the analysis; †referent group.
1Administration and finance†222.971.001.00
2Agriculture, forestry, and fishing124.992.242.940.95 to 9.15
3Mining11.041.040.680.06 to 7.60
4Construction91.460.670.680.23 to 2.03
5Food and kindred products51.861.250.740.14 to 3.80
6Textile mill products72.411.001.580.45 to 5.59
8Paper products, printing, and publishing32.241.851.240.18 to 8.47
9Chemicals, petroleum, and coal products00.000.00
10Rubber, plastics, and leather products13.872.972.290.28 to 18.69
11Lumber and wood products14.484.302.840.27 to 30.13
12Metal industries63.341.541.810.43 to 7.56
14Electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies55.221.832.920.83 to 10.30
15Transportation equipment44.681.132.100.63 to 7.02
17Trucking and transportation95.132.222.440.73 to 8.10
19Communications34.502.841.240.28 to 5.41
20Utilities41.460.801.000.21 to 4.63
21Wholesale105.011.792.010.64 to 6.28
23Retail183.030.911.180.46 to 3.06
27Eating and drinking places60.950.490.410.10 to 1.60
31Business services83.411.261.310.52 to 3.32
32Repair services25.483.822.830.55 to 14.62
33Private households10.360.380.120.01 to 1.86
34Lodging places21.661.230.750.13 to 4.41
35Personal services11.741.740.860.08 to 8.82
36Entertainment and recreation services48.924.705.961.58 to 22.45
37Health related216.021.822.180.79 to 6.08
40Educational services166.072.152.540.94 to 6.86
43Justice, public order, and safety49.685.633.630.75 to 17.65