Table 2

Characteristics of the NHANES III adult study population (1988–94)

Total (n=6827)
Variablen*% (Weighted)
*Total may not add up to 6827 due to missing values; †atopy was defined as an affirmative response to a question “has a doctor ever told you that you had hay fever?”.
Age (mean (SE)) 39.58 (0.34)
Race or ethnicity:
    Non-hispanic white312481.10
    Non-hispanic black18418.84
    Mexican American16143.93
    Other 2486.13
Poverty income ratio:
    Below poverty 9939.30
    Above poverty531190.70
    Current smokers199431.43
    Past smokers158823.35
Atopy† by age group:
    All age1009/682617.46