Table 1

Industry codes in the NHANES III dataset (1988–94)

CodeAbbreviationsIndustries (1980 census codes)
*Referent category; †NHANES III codes 29, 30, 41, and 44 combined and recoded as code 1; ‡NHANES III codes 1 and 2 combined and recoded as code 2; §NHANES III codes 6 and 7 combined and recoded as code 6; ¶NHANES III codes 12 and 13 combined and recoded as code 12; **NHANES III codes 14 and 16 combined and recoded as code 14; ††NHANES III codes 17 and 18 combined and recoded as code 17; ‡‡NHANES III codes 21 and 22 combined and recoded as code 21; §§NHANES III codes 23–26 and 28 combined and recoded as code 23; ¶¶NHANES III codes 31 and 42 combined and recoded as code 31; ***NHANES III codes 37–39 combined and recoded as code 37.
1Administration and finance*†Banking and other finance, Insurance and real estate; social services; except justice, public order, and safety (700–712, 861–871, 900–901, 921–932)
2Agriculture, forestry and fishing‡Agriculture production and agricultural services, forestry, and fishing (010–031)
3MiningMining (040–050)
4ConstructionConstruction (060)
5Food and kindred productsFood and kindred products (100–122)
6Textile mill products§Textile mill products, apparel, and other finished textile products (132–152)
8Paper products, printing, and publishingPaper products, printing, publishing, and allied industries (160–172)
9Chemicals, petroleum, and coal productsChemicals, petroleum, and coal products (180–201)
10Rubber, plastics, and leather productsRubber, plastics, and leather products (210–222)
11Lumber and wood productsLumber and wood products, including furniture (230–242)
12Metal industries¶Metal industries; machinery, except electrical (270–332)
14Electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies**Electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies; miscellaneous and not specified manufacturing industries (340–350, 391–392)
15Transportation equipmentTransportation equipment (351–370)
17Trucking and transportation††Trucking service; transportation, except trucking (400–432)
19CommunicationsCommunications (440–442)
20UtilitiesUtilities (460–472)
21Wholesale‡‡Wholesale trade, durable goods; wholesale trade, non-durable and not specified goods (500–571)
23Retail trade§§Department stores, food stores, vehicle dealers, supply and service stores, apparel and accessory stores and other retail trade (580–631, 642–691)
27Eating and drinking placesEating and drinking places (641)
31Business services¶¶Business services, other professional and related services (721–750, 882–892)
32Repair servicesAutomotive repair and related services, electrical repair shops, miscellaneous repair services (751–760)
33Private householdsPrivate households (761)
34Lodging placesLodging places (762–770)
35Personal servicesPersonal services, except private households and lodging (771–791)
36Entertainment and recreation servicesEntertainment and recreation services (800–802)
37Health related***Offices of health practitioners, hospitals, health services, not elsewhere classified (812–840)
40Educational servicesEducational services (842–860)
43Justice, public order and safetyJustice, public order, and safety (910)