Table 6

Odds ratios for living within 3 km from a waste site by low, medium, and high hazard category—chromosomal anomalies

Hazard categoryn*OR†95% CIn*OR†95% CIn*OR†95% CI
*Number of cases.
†Adjusted for socioeconomic status and maternal age.
Low1051.530.88 to 2.68460.980.34 to 2.80411.120.42 to 3.01
Medium511.280.56 to 2.911081.550.91 to 2.631391.510.97 to 2.34
High481.650.83 to 3.29501.660.85 to 3.23241.150.36 to 3.61
Trend in 3 ORs with hazard category:p=0.87p=0.22p=0.85
Trend in 14 ORs with hazard score:p=0.62p=0.37p=0.93