Table 2

Site characteristics

SiteOperational yearsTotal site areaTypes of industrial and/or “hazardous” waste
11962–721.1 haTannery wastes with primarily ammonium and chromium compounds, tarry residues, oils, halogenated solvents
21950–742.2 haChlorinated solvents, tar, phenols, cyanide, organic solvents
3Pre1961–present31 haSpecial and industrial wastes including oils, acids, alkalis, effluent/contaminated water and sludges, paint, leather phosphate, pesticide, electroplating wastes
41956–851.42 haUnspecified liquid and solid wastes
51979–8810 haVarious industrial toxic wastes including heavy metals, solvents, adhesives, varnishes, painting residues
61964–864.6 haUnspecified industrial wastes
7a1955–6010 haIndustrial wastes: radium, residues from copper production
7bPre1970–?2.1 haCopper
7c1953–present14.6 haIndustrial wastes, chemical wastes from industrial water treatment
81966–present100 haIndustrial wastes: paint, rubber, ink, leather wastes, metal compounds, sludges
91978–842 haUnspecified hazardous industrial wastes
101974–837.6 haIncinerator waste, fly ash, and contaminated soil/sludges
11Pre1950–851 haHeavy metals, wastes from production of sulphuric acid
121984–942.7 haIndustrial, special and restricted waste
13a1972–present6.5 haIndustrial waste: licensed to take inorganic and organic acids, alkalis, toxic metal compounds, miscellaneous chemical waste, treatment sludge, printing waste, tars, dyes, paints
13b1973–8912.5 haLicensed to take long list of special wastes including toxic metal compounds, cadmium, lead, mercury, adhesives, paint, tar, glue, printing waste, miscellaneous chemical waste
13c1981–947.1 haUnspecified industrial and special wastes
13d1983–9310.1 haIndustrial wastes including asbestos, boiler and flue cleaning, polymerisation products, adhesives, glue, and rubber wastes
15a1955–present29 haVarious types of industrial waste: heavy metals, acid and alkali wastes, paint washings and solvents, industrial treatment sludges, tannery sludges, contaminated soils
15b1935–682.5 haWaste from chemical works and chromium processing industry: chromium III and VI