Table 3

Summary risk estimates in five occupational subgroups of foundry workers

Occupational subgroup (reference number)Effect measureEffect estimate95% CI*Number of cases
*CI, confidence interval; SIR, standardised incidence ratio; SMR, standardised mortality ratio; PMR, proportional mortality ratio; RR, relative risk; SMOR, standardised mortality odds ratio, OR, odds ratio; SRE, summary risk estimate; Best SRE, summary risk estimate without results marked with †.
†Studies removed from analysis for Best SRE.
    Moulders, oven, casters, crane, shake-out (10)SIR*1.14†0.81 to 1.6132
    Core room (10)SIR1.020.28 to 2.614
    Moulder/coremaker (23)SMR*1.720.79 to 3.279
    Skilled moulders (4)SMR8.96†3.29 to 19.496
    Moulder/coremaker (26)PMR*1.460.30 to 4.273
    Metal moulders (27)PMR0.970.26 to 2.484
    Moulders (28)RR*3.081.15 to 8.234
    Metal moulders (29)sMOR*2.10.43 to 6.143
    Metal moulders (30)PMR1.970.41 to 5.763
    Moulders (43)OR*3.90.4 to 354
    Moulders (49)OR0.80.2 to 2.45
    Metal moulder (36)OR0.40.1 to 1.72
SRE*:1.441.00 to 2.06
Heterogeneity p=0.02 (11df)
Best SRE*:1.470.99 to 2.2
Heterogeneity p=0.52 (9df)
Furnacemen, heaters
    Moulders, oven, casters, crane, shake-out (10)SIR1.14†0.81 to 1.6132
    Metal furnacemen (23)SMR1.380.55 to 2.847
    Metal heaters (22)PMR1.330.61 to 2.539
    Metal furnace workers (26)PMR0.210 to 1.151
    Furnacemen/metal heaters (28)RR0.710.1 to 5.091
    Metal heaters (35)OR1.90.4 to 8.75
    Furnacemen, smeltermen, pourers (36)OR0.60.1 to 2.23
    Melters/reheaters (43)OR1.50.1 to 172
    Smelting furnacemen (43)OR0.70.2 to 3.73
    Heaters (46)OR3.00.3 to 293
    Heaters (smokers) (53)OR8.40.77 to 92.22
SRE:1.140.87 to 1.50
Heterogeneity p=0.51 (10df)
Best SRE:1.150.74 to 1.77
Heterogeneity p=0.42 (9df)
Rolling mill operators
    Forge, hammer, roller, finisher (22)PMR1.01†0.7 to 1.4233
    Rolling tube mill (23)SMR0.240.01 to 1.341
    Other metal mill (26)PMR1.260.54 to 2.488
    Rolling mill (28)RR3.540.88 to 14.22
    Forge, hammer, roller finisher (35)OR1.4†0.6 to 3.411
    Rolling mill (43)OR0.60.1 to 3.72
    Drawers, extruders (43)OR1.00.1 to 7.12
    Hot rollers (48)OR0.80.3 to 2.210
    Mill machine operator (53)OR1.10.3 to 4.43
SRE:1.090.83 to 1.43
Heterogeneity p=0.75 (8df)
Best SRE:1.150.73 to 1.80
Heterogeneity p=0.60 (6df)
    Moulders, oven, casters, crane, shake-out (10)SIR1.14†0.81 to 1.6132
    Casters (43)OR3.60.7 to 187
    Iron casters (32)OR1.471.13 to 1.90133
    Furnace/smelt/pourer (36)OR0.60.1 to 2.23
SRE:1.341.09 to 1.65
Heterogeneity p=0.32 (3df)
Best SRE:1.481.14 to 1.91
Heterogeneity p=0.35 (2df)
Fettlers and finishers
    Finishing (10)SIR0.930.42 to 1.769
    File, polish, sand, buff (22)PMR0.950.61 to 2.5319
    Fettler, metal dresser (23)SMR0.240.01 to 1.341
    Forge, hammer, roller, finish (35)OR1.4†0.6 to 3.411
SRE:0.990.70 to 1.41
Heterogeneity p=0.69 (3df)
Best SRE:0.930.63 to 1.36
Heterogeneity p=0.70 (2df)
General foundry labourers
    Unspecified foundry (10)SIR2.831.14 to 5.847
    Unskilled foundry (13)SMR1.410.86 to 2.1719
    Labourer—foundry (23)SMR1.150.42 to 2.526
    Foundry n.e.c. (29)sMOR0.900.02 to 5.01
    Labourer (53)OR0.90.3 to 2.84
Best SRE:1.430.99 to 2.07
Heterogeneity p=0.51 (4df)