Table 1

Descriptive statistics on potential determinants of sickness absence

MaleFemaleDifference between male and female doctorsSubjects (n)%Mean (SD)Difference between female doctors and controls
Subjects (n)%Mean (SD)Subjects (n)%Mean (SD)
Health and behavioural risks:1-150
 Self rated health (poor or average)2481119510NS45614NS
 Diagnosed illness2514019633NS46649NS
 Psychiatric morbidity (GHQ case)2472219327NS45424NS
 Current smoker239 7190 7NS44310NS
 Alcohol consumption (g of absolute alcohol/week)246195 (201)19490 (93)<0.00145961 (70)<0.001
 Physical activity (sedentary)2512219621NS46621NS
Work characteristics:
 Feeling overloaded2493.7 (0.8)1943.7 (0.8)NS4633.8 (0.8)NS
 Overtime (h/week)2468.9 (7.3)1906.5 (7.4)<0.0014342.1 (4.3)<0.001
 On call responsibility (days/month)2513.2 (3.4)1953.3 (3.0)NS
 Job control2514.1 (0.5)1954.0 (0.5)NS4644.1 (0.5)<0.01
 Teamwork2513.6 (0.6)1943.5 (0.5)NS4643.8 (0.5)<0.001
Social circumstances:
 Negative life events (⩾1)2514019643NS46643NS
 Social support24410.0 (5.4)19412.1 (4.9)<0.00146212.9 (5.4)NS
 Social network (size)20019.7 (11.8)16918.5 (12.5)NS44521.9 (12.8)<0.01
  • 1-150 Tests of differences in health and behavioural risks are adjusted for age.