Table 3

Analysis of number of pregnancies or deliveries, correlated to mortality, using proportional hazard model of Cox, by water system

Regression coefficientSEHazard ratiop
The other river (n=659)
    Age 9.81×10−26.66×10−31.100.000
    No. pregnancies−1.89×10−23.42×10−20.980.582
Jinzu River + the other (n=237)
    Age 1.50×10−11.94×10−21.160.000
    No. pregnancies 8.12×10−25.35×10−21.090.131
Jinzu River (n=1599)
    Age 1.09×10−15.18×10−31.120.000
    No. pregnancies 2.70×10−22.17×10−21.030.213
The other river (n=619)
    Age 1.07×10−17.80×10−31.110.000
    No. deliveries−3.90×10−23.65×10−20.960.286
Jinzu River + the other (n=214)
    Age 1.51×10−12.02×10−21.160.000
    No. deliveries 6.99×10−25.75×10−21.070.225
Jinzu River (n=1515)
    Age 1.08×10−15.37×10−31.110.000
    No. deliveries 3.27×10−22.34×10−21.030.163