Table 7

Method of measuring ambient CO and NO237

*This material as well as the apparatus proposed can be bought in any store selling safety equipment. It is important that the pump and the tubes are of the same material, because they are not interchangeable. The tubes must be stored at a temperature of 0–5°C (in the refrigerator).
†At the time of special activities where there is intensive use of the resurfacer (tournament, reduction in the thickness of the ice, etc). The sampling must be done immediately after the end of the time of resurfacing. To assure a better result, it is recommended that the results be recorded in an ambient air observation register.
Observed gasesCarbon monoxide (CO)
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
Proposed apparatus*Manual pump for detection of material required to measure colour within the CO sensitivity range 0–50 ppm
Colour measure tubes for NO2 sensitivity range between 0 and 5 ppm
Duration of samplingAccording to the directions of the manufacturer
Time of sampling†A minimum of once weekly, at a fixed time (hour, day) corresponding to the times of greatest use of the resurfacer