Table 2

Analysis of length of agriculture, related to mortality, using proportional hazard model of Cox, by water system and sex

Regression coefficientSEHazard ratiop
The other river (n=422)
    Age 8.70×10−21.18×10−21.090.000
    Agriculture 9.58×10−38.89×10−31.010.282
Jinzu River + the other (n=164)
    Age 5.56×10−22.16×10−21.060.011
    Agriculture 5.11×10−21.95×10−21.050.010
Jinzu River (n=995)
    Age 1.13×10−18.18×10−31.120.000
The other river (n=522)
    Age 1.12×10−11.29×10−21.120.000
Jinzu River + the other (n=197)
    Age 1.53×10−13.12×10−21.170.000
Jinzu River (n=1239)
    Age 1.12×10−18.64×10−31.120.000
    Agriculture 2.38×10−37.07×10−31.000.737