Table 6

Dispersion and evacuation of toxic gases37

Initial operation of the resurfacer (evacuation)The heating up of the motor is necessary for optimal functioning of the catalytic purifier. This should be done outside the arena or in a ventilated room and equipped with a flexible hosepipe at least 4 m long attached to the exhaust pipe permitting the transfer of contaminants to the outside
Vertical and lengthened (dispersion)The exhaust pipe must be installed vertically. It must be lengthened to 2.5 meters (8 feet) above ice level. The escaping gas can thus be projected outside the temperature inversion zone
Open the doors of the rink (dispersion)The goal of creating openings is during resurfacing to lessen the effect of isolation and to try to momentarily break the temperature inversion zone. It is nevertheless necessary to prohibit access to the ice during surfacing
Ventilation system (dispersion)A system should be in constant operation. It must be strong enough to create air movement at ice level to achieve an exchange between the air at ice level and the surrounding air in the arena
Evacuation system of polluted air (evacuation)The system should be in constant use when the resurfacer is used often (evening, end of the week, tournament, etc). At other times, the system must operate for at least 20 minutes after the resurfacer is shut off