Table 4

Limits of concentration of gas proposed in work environments and in arenas37

CO (ppm)
1 h8 hNO2 (ppm) 8 h
DSC, Departements de Santé Communautaire; CHUL, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval.
Work environment:
    American Conference of Government Hygienists56503
    Building Code of Québec37400503
    Oatman and Zetterlund31200355
    Luckhurst and French (Department of Health and Social Development, Winnipeg,  Manitoba)292512
    MHPC, Québec373013
    Kwok, (Community Health Dept., Etobicoke, Ontario)242513
    Ontario Arenas Association5735
    King County Health Department, Seattle, Washington2125
    British Columbia Ministry of Labor5825
    Lévesque et al, DSC, CHUL, Québec272820
    Coueffin, Simon Fraser Health Unit, British Columbia582512
    Minnesota Department of Health350.5
    National primary ambient air quality standards591390.14
    DSC and of Québec37200.5