Table 4

Adjusted ORs for having a consultation in the past 14 days for cold, flu, or fever in non-smoking full time workers

OR95% CIp value
As well as the above variables, the final model included level of income (five groups), type of medical benefits (four groups), occupation (six groups), and whether respondent lives alone.
Age0.970.95 to 0.99 0.007
Male gender0.900.66 to 1.22 0.480
Married1.260.88 to 1.78 0.204
Chronic disease1.691.15 to 2.49 0.008
Poor health (baseline good health)2.151.59 to 2.90<0.001
Passive smoking at home1.070.77 to 1.50 0.684
Passive smoking at work1.371.03 to 1.83 0.031
1 smoker0.930.49 to 1.76p for trend is
2 smokers2.211.40 to 3.470.047
3 or more1.270.91 to 1.77