Table 5

Partial correlations between log salivary IgA and lysozyme secretion rate (μg/min) and scores of PSS and subscales (n=132)

Log IgA (p)*Log lysozyme (p)*
*Partial correlations were calculated after controlling for marital status and work experience (years).
†Significant after Bonferroni correction for PSS subscales.
Mental health professional stress scale (PSS)−0.28 (0.001)−0.28 (0.001)
    Workload (WL)−0.15 (0.097)−0.08 (0.338)
    Patient related difficulty (PD)−0.15 (0.094)−0.14 (0.107)
    Organisational structure (OS)−0.27 (0.002)†−0.20 (0.023)
    Lack of resource (RES)−0.24 (0.005)†−0.18 (0.040)
    Conflict with other professionals (COF)−0.28 (0.001)†−0.39 (0.000)†
    Professional self doubt (SD)−0.07 (0.464)−0.19 (0.028)
    Home-work conflict (HW)−0.33 (0.000)†−0.19 (0.028)