Table 4

Geometric means (GM), minimum to maximum (min-max), and 95% CI of group difference (ED–GW) for salivary IgA and lysozyme of emergency department (ED) and general ward (GW) nurses

ED nurse (n=82)GW nurse (n=50)
BiomarkersGMMin-maxGMMin-maxED–GW 95% CIp*Adjusted p**
*p value was calculated using two sampled tests.
**Adjusted p was calculated using general linear model to adjust for marital status and working experience (years).
†Significant after Bonferroni correction.
    Concentration (μg/ml)148.552.93–40 7.95200.954.28–49 5.90−95.66 to −23.610.002†0.002†
    Secretion rate (μg/min)49.15.38–247.6768.229.84–220.13−28.75 to −0.710.001†0.038
    Concentration (μg/ml)62.412.92–307.45101.916.19–258.62−59.74 to −16.720.000†0.000†
    Secretion rate (μg/min)20.03.36–116.0830.54.63–117.04−21.56 to −3.900.003†0.012†